Minecraft Houses – Image Spotlight #2

When it comes to Minecraft Houses, there is certainly no shortage of them.  I thought I would try a different format of Video and Images to show off two different people in one post.  Let’s jump right into today’s spotlight and show a video creation by Youtube user 2seekingsatori, she built a great house on a sever, which takes a lot of work if you’re on a server.

Be sure to subscribe to her if you’re not already.  She has some great content and is very creative.  If you’ve seen this video already, it’s worth another look for inspiration.

The Minecraft House Image Spotlight brings us to a WordPress Blogger (BenneyBoy444) who decided to move his blog to Tumblr for ease of use.  Let’s show off some of the images he has done.

As you can see, it’s nothing huge, but it has potential.  He does have larger buildings and is worth a look, but for now, we’re going to show off the inside of the house.

I hope you enjoyed the Minecraft Houses in this edition of Image Spotlight.  There is sure to be something there for the creative inspiration.  Be sure to go check out the users who created these interesting and grand houses.


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